The Art of Bocconcini

The Art of Bocconcini Artisan Cheese Factory

What are Bocconcini?

 Bocconcini, meaning "little bites" in Italian, are egg sized Mozzarella cheese. These bite-sized cheeses have a refreshingly delicate and creamy aroma. Because of its elastic texture and consistency. They are fresh Mozzarella - only smaller!

 You can savour them in a salad, wrap it in meat. A variety of Italian dishes can be made up by the very sweet and very light butter taste of Bocconcini. Slice them on pizzas or vegetable dishes and broil in an oven until the cheese just starts to melt.

 Our Range Includes:

 The Artisan Cheese Factory makes:

  1.  Plain Bocconcini:

Bite‑sized Mozzarella Balls that come in brine solution aka cheese water

  1. Mozzarella Bocconcini in Chilli Oil:

Bite‑sized mozzarella balls that are milky and chewy, very close to fresh mozzarella. They come in Artisan's very own prepared chilli oil.

  1.  Feta Bocconcini in Chilli Oil:

 Similar to Mozzarella Bocconcini, these are bite size feta balls that come in chilli oil. They are more soft and tangy in taste as compared. They are also marinated in Artisan’s own chilli oil.

We are proud to say that The Artisan Cheese Factory was the first to locally produce  and introduce Bocconicini and Marinated Bocconcini in Pakistan. They are what we call an Artisan Original.

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