TACF Naturally Aged Hard Cheese

TACF Naturally Aged Hard Cheese Artisan Cheese Factory

If you are a true cheese fan, you can't say no to our naturally made hard cheese range. We make them in wheel form & age it over a considerable period of time to create the perfectly delicious cheese with just the right texture.

The Artisan Cheese Factory makes a fine selection of naturally aged hard cheeses. Our range includes:

  • Cheddar:

Flavorful, creamy, and firm, Cheddar can be used in a variety of ways: in sandwiches, grated as a garnish on soups and salads or just eaten in bite‑size pieces with fruit, crackers or on its own.

Our collection includes:

‑ Yellow Cheddar: White/Yellow medium tone, mild to medium aged.

‑ Orange Cheddar: Same texture, taste and ageing range to that of Yellow Cheddar but in Orange Colour. It really pops out if you intend to put it out on a platter

‑ Shredded Cheddar: Our Cheddar but in a shredded form.

‑ Chilli Cheddar: Traditional Cheddar with added spices.

  • Parmesan:

The king of cheeses and The Artisan Cheese Factory's most in‑demand and popular product to date. It's aged and is made in limited quantities. Parmesan is a traditional hard cheese often used to garnish pasta & more dishes. Can also be used as table cheese.

  • Gouda:

Gouda is a remarkable cheese that can be mild and creamy, when young, or caramel colored with texture similar to Parma, when aged for longer periods.

Our Range Includes:

‑ Traditional Gouda

‑ Herb and Garlic Flavoured Gouda

‑ Cumin Gouda

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