The Italian Delicacy: Burrata

The Italian Delicacy: Burrata Artisan Cheese Factory

What is Burrata:

If you've never heard of Burrata, you're in for a treat. Burrata is an Italian delicacy. It is a cheese pouch filled with cream and curds.  Based on the outer appearance alone, this cheese could easily be mistaken for fresh mozzarella — and that's because the outer shell is in fact made of soft mozzarella

What does it taste like:

Burrata cheese has a rich, milky, buttery flavour, with a texture that combines a delicate, creamy interior with a soft, fresh exterior.

How to eat it?

The richness of burrata is easy to pair with lots of food. Drizzle a bit of olive oil over the creamy inside and sprinkle it with salt, then serve it on grilled bread, with roasted vegetables, or alongside tomatoes.

Burrata also pares particularly well with fresh tomatoes and prosciutto and pizza. Burrata loves summer produce and is perfect on a fruit and cheese platter.


Burrata is a highly fresh cheese and is to be consumed within 24 hours of production or max 2 days.

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